ELC Architecture and Interior is passionate about providing a turn-key Architecture, Interior and Project Management solution for clients. ELC views the vernacular and regional culture of each project as a rich resource that can suggest appropriate solutions and references.  Our design philosophy is based on a sensitive approach to creating strong, clear, architectural forms and spaces that are comfortable and liveable. 

ELC is driven by the belief that Architecture is important to our everyday lives. Architecture influences the way we live, work and play even to the extent that it reflects and even inspires new perception and appreciation of the environment we live in.

Our 36 years combined experience and strong back ground in architecture and construction allow us to quickly understand the needs of every client. Extensive discussion and brainstorming with the client enables the establishment of key ideas which form the brief.  We then synthesise the ideas and information into an architecturally strong solution. Each design is client, site and programme specific. Each design is meticulously detailed, drawing on our construction knowledge, to ensure a smooth process during the execution of the construction contract and full realisation of the architectural intent.


Our architecture is always striving to dilute the complex in order to achieve the distinctly simple, culminating in a series of bespoke components that as a whole are unified.

ELC believe the connection between Client and Architect is vital to the successful outcome of a project. Enquiries are welcomed as a first step to establishing this relationship and ultimately to bringing your project from dream to reality.   

  Our services includes :

- architecture

- interior design

- town planning / master plan

- project management

- interior furnishing

If you have any questions or would like to know more about ELC, please contact us anytime.